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  • Why are all the events free?
    Introducing people to the power of a cannabis Session is our passion. We are greatly rewarded by seeing our events positively influence the lives of our participants. That is a major reward for our work. Also, our program is new. Never before has one like ours been offered anywhere in the world. We have much to learn. Though we have run many events unofficially for years as described in Cannabis The New Way, we are just beginning to open our doors to the general public. To make our events the best they can be we need lots of people to attend and give us feedback. We hope you will join us and tell your friends about us. THANKS!
  • Is the HeartFlower program legal?
    Cannabis is legal for adult use in Canada and specifically in Vancouver where we are located. Adults can legally purchase cannabis from ubiquitous government-licensed dispensaries and use that product in our program. We provide no cannabis products and none of our staff ever touch the products of our participants. Our Tutorial gives information on the optimal types of products to bring to our events.
  • What science supports the HeartFlower program?
    The first discipline that guides us is positive psychology, the science of mental wellness. It is a new field that uses sophisticated social surveys to determine the types of activities most conducive to positive states. A second new field, evolutionary psychology, also offers much insight into the evolution of happiness and wellness generally. Both disciplines inspire our Session activities. We focus on experiences that the researchers say are uplifting and appeal to our evolved emotional nature. This provides more than a deeply enjoyable experience. Grounding into a state of deep joy and peace is transformational, especially when experienced with some frequency. As your heart opens, your sense of self tends to shift to a lighter, softer you. You feel stronger bonds to other people, and the planet. Life feels better than before. The science of habit change is our third influence. That discipline reveals that our mind is governed by a myriad of habits, many that undermine our wellbeing; to change them is possible, but a challenge, and often more difficult than the self-improvement industry admits. The problem arises because once habits form, the neural pathways that support them are like highways that are not easily rerouted. The only reliable transformational technique is an ongoing practice. Regular repetition helps the brain lay down the new mental circuits on which a happy life depends. Think of our Sessions as a rough equivalent to meditation or yoga classes, gym workouts, foreign language training, or any other ongoing routine to improve your life. And because our Sessions are so much fun, you will want to do them again and again (on a sensible schedule), which provides the repetition essential to lay down happier habits in your brain. So our approach proposes a gradualist, continuing practice, which distinguishes our program from most psychedelic retreats that supply illegal or non-regulated substances, in very occasional high dose events that provide little preparation with milder altered states and little support for an ongoing discipline. The legality of cannabis in Canada (and other places) makes a sustainable transformational practice like our program feasible for ordinary folks. Finally, our program draws on the many different specialties studying cannabis and the endocannabinoid system. The legalization of the product in Canada and elsewhere has spurred a great deal of research about its effects on the body and mind. Product innovations appear regularly too. We monitor this work and apply it in our Sessions.
Frequently Asked Questions
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