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Gateway Session
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The West End or Kitsilano location of the Sessions will be communicated by email after you register for the event.   


Group Size
Four participants are the minimum number and eight the maximum.  

Gateway Session

This is our entry-level event that all participants in our program must complete.

Why do the Gateway Session? There are three reasons.

First, to have fun, to be entertained in a totally unique way, as you would with other novel events you might favor:

  • like a guided kayak trip up Indian Arm

  • or an exotic ethnic cooking course

  • or star gazing at the Planetarium.

The Gateway Session promises a completely original experience that is deeply satisfying, and if all you want is an afternoon frolic, this is it.

The second reason is more ambitious: to have new experiences and learn new skills that you can apply after the Session to improve your life, specifically:

  • to find more joy in everyday activities 

  • to connect more deeply with other people

  • to gain self insight

  • and to be more creative.

The Gateway Session can be the catalyst of a new you.

Third, to get a taste of the HeartFlower program.  The Gateway Session is a sampler of the five key activities that our program explores: deep relaxation, sensory savoring, social connection, introspection, and creativity cultivation. Other Sessions dive deeper into each activity, but the Gateway gives you a taste of them all. That is why we want all our participants to start with it.

The 4-hour Gateway Session occurs on Saturdays from 0945-1400. An online Tutorial describes how to acquire the edible product you will bring to the event, and how to dose-test your product prior to the Session to determine the optimal milligram amount to consume at the Session. Your altered state will be greater than with usual recreational use, but the Session will not be challenging to most people. 

Book your Gateway Session here.


ATTENTION GROUPS: we can lead the Session on a date that works for you at your location or ours for groups of 4-8 people, for family, friends, club members or work mates. Email us!

Snack Sessions

For people who have completed the Gateway Session, we offer 2-hour Sessions we call Snacks, which focus on specific pleasing activities, such as

  • wine tasting

  • music appreciation

  • making new friends

  • nature walks

We use inhaled cannabis for these short-duration Sessions.

Once enough people have taken the Intro Session, we will begin offering the Snack Session in the spring of 2023.

Psychedelic Session 1
Our Sunday day-long (10am-5pm) Psychedelic Session 1  aims to reach altered states that are higher than the Gateway or Snack Sessions but still below maximum psychedelic intensity. 

You can expect substantial stimulation of your senses which sometimes can include synesthesia where the sounds of music are perceived as visual patterns. Seeing patterns, colors, and even images while your eyes are closed is also common. 

Your emotions will be closer to the surface and flow more easily. The emotional richness can provide periods of deep fulfillment. But negative feelings can also arise, and you will learn ways to cope with them. The emotional depths of the event can provide important self insights and enhance creativity, and help you be warmer when you relate to others after the Session.

Session activities include deep relaxation, extended meditations of different types, and authentic social relating near the end. 

Once enough people have taken the Gateway Session, we will begin offering the Psychedelic Session 1  in the spring of 2023.

Psychedelic session 2 
Attend this Session if you have done the Psychedelic Session 1 (preferably more than once) and want to experience the power of cannabis to radically alter your inner world. At high doses, the cannabis trance is roughly equivalent to that of a moderate dose of psilocybin or LSD.

At the peak of the experience, which can last for several hours, you will be silent and completely focused inward, lying, or sitting. At times you are likely to hallucinate with your eyes closed or open. Expect to drop much of your ego, and experience a softer, humbler part of yourself that normal life often conceals. Be prepared for some negative feelings as you adjust to the profoundly altered state, although most of the experience is usually quite blissful. 


​Once enough people have taken the Intro Session, we will begin offering the Psychedelic Session 2 in the spring of 2023.

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